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four reasons to join the club

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reason #1


We fundamentally believe that Ag is the most impactful industry that anyone can be in.

We welcome students who share either past experience, a vivid future interest or both to gain hands-on, world-class, immersive experiences in agribusiness.

reason #2


If you're wondering how to meet more folks like you, who grew up on a farm, who built hydroponics gardens in highschool or who spent a gap year being a butcher in France, look no further. 

reason #3


Do you aspire to be an Ag startupper or exec? Let's help you get there.

By joining ABC, you get exclusive access to work with some of the biggest and most up-and-coming brands in agribusiness, on top of visiting their field operations and hearing from their trailblazers executives.

Image by Federico Respini
Image by Federico Respini
ABC Fellows

Spend your next summer as an ABC Fellow at one of our world-class partner companies.

reason #4


Do you aspire to be an Ag startupper or exec? Let's help you get there.

At ABC we reward exceptional work ethic and promote those with the drive to put in the work. After just one semester - even as a freshman - you can find yourself leading a committee, or creating a brand new one from scratch. What you put in, is what you get out of it.

our team

With a deep passion for Ag, ABC members don't just study one thing. From business to engineering, from public policy to math, we like to see things from multiple angles.

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club stats

2x YoY membership growth

Join perhaps the fastest growing club at Penn

and make the impact you want.

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2021 Net Promote Score

We asked each member "From 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend ABC to a classmate?"

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how to join

There are two application windows per year - one in September and another in January.

Unlike most other clubs, we keep it simple.


Application via Penn Clubs - We want to know why are you interested in agribusiness, why you chose that specific committee and whether or not you have relevant past experiences. Keep in mind, that we can read through any BS and we are not looking for professional writers.


In-person Interview - We promise to read all applications. After initial screening, we invite a subset of applicants for a ~20min in-person interview, conducted by a Committee Director. Don't worry about wearing a suit, a cowboy hat or another person's shoes. Instead, we're looking to meet the true, honest you.


Acceptance - Given a successful interview, we extend an invitation to join the club, dependent on completion of onboarding and confirmation of what's expected.

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