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Find your Ag internship

we connect top Penn students to the most cutting-edge Ag companies 


Interested in applying your knowledge and skills to the future of food - the agricultural industry? Get your foot in the door! Some of the world’s hottest Ag companies are inundated with internship applicants and starting to aggressively build their internship programs.

the ideal fellow

Whether you are interested in farming and sustainability or the applications of research, business development, or engineering and technology to the field of agriculture, the ABC Fellows program is here to match you with positions in top firms like AeroFarms and CNH Industrial.

We welcome all applicants, including but not limited to: ABC Members, students in other Penn Sustainability organizations, Penn undergrads outside of ABC and from any school.


We like to keep things simple.

TLDR: if we think you're a fit, you have a solid chance of success.


Written Application - We want to know why are you interested in being an ABC Fellow, why you're interested in Ag and what your skillset is. Priority 1 Deadline is April 2nd, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT.  Priority 2 Deadline is April 7th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT.  


ABC In-person Interview(s) - Successful, serious applicants proceed to a series of interviews with the ABC Fellows Team. In addition to situational and behavioral questions, candidates may also be asked to produce a work sample.


Company Interview - Finalists are matched with opportunities in their top-rank companies in positions adjacent to their interests and skillset. For most of our opportunities, we guarantee finalists an interview with their prospective company or companies, which you can expect to be the -1 step from getting the job offer. Terms are negotiated between the company and the applicant.

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